Exhibitor Account

We have a special offer that applies to companies who have already registered as primary exhibitor for our ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA physical event.

If you were already registered and had an active status, please do not submit a new online application. Instead, please contact our international representative team for further information.

Registration Form

After completing the form, a PDF will be send to you. Please print and sign it, add your company stamp and send it back to us: exhibitor@gp-events.com

Only information submitted by 31st of October will be included in the online visitor guide. This will not affect your general online presence.

Invoice Details

Please be informed that for each alteration of invoice an additional handling fee of EUR 80 will be charged.
In case you might prefer to make the payment of your invoice in USD, please use the fix exchange rate: 1 EUR = 1.20 USD. For more details see AFL ON General Terms and Conditions. section “V. Invoicing Exhibitor Package”
Please be informed that for each alteration of invoice an additional handling fee of EUR 80 will be charged.
Payment fees will be invoiced upon conclusion of the Contract for the Exhibitor Packages according to section IV.2 of General Terms and Conditions, the remuneration is due and payable immediately without deduction upon receipt of invoice. The prices of the Exhibitor Packages are net prices and do not include the statutory German value added tax.


Usually goods and services performed in Germany by a business entity are subject to value-added-tax (VAT) . However, if certain conditions are met, we do not have to charge German VAT. Conditions are met if a company has a valid VAT number as a registered legal business in its home country.

To enable us to issue invoices without German VAT, the exhibitor must complete the VAT form, which will be sent to you via email after the online registration process.

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Company Profile

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IMPORTANT: The above information will be used for the exhibitor’s entry in the ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA ON digital platform without taking responsibility for the correctness of these data. Please make sure to check your data carefully before submission.

Business Market

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Please note: Asiafruit Congress ON is included in the ticket price. If you choose this option you will not receive any information about Asiafruit Congress ON.